Trust yourself.


Many times I have gone against my gut reaction even when I know it was the right choice. New mantra is follow my instincts and do what I know is right for me!


we are all equal

I used to work on the register at Coles. I live in a small town and over working there for 2.5 years you got to know the customers and recognise a lot of people, get used to what days they would come in shopping. It was quite strange really. Anyway to the point of this blog….my mother Josephine is very well known in the town she is involved in a lot of community work.

I served a lot of people that did this very infuriating thing: I would greet them very friendly as they came to the register “Hello how are you today?” Most would not even look at me and just grunt some sought of reply as they unloaded their trolley. After scanning for a few minutes they would finally look up and read my name badge. Then they would recognise me as Josephine’s daughter whom they know and of course their attitude would change. Nice as pie they would turn, smiling and asking questions and thanking me as they left.

This very thing made me so annoyed. Why after you found out who I am you decide to be polite and nice to me. It should not make any difference. Why should it differ the way you treat people if you know them or not.

Another experience lately…I ordered a take away coffee and was sitting waiting. In walked a lady about 5 minutes after I had been waiting. The staff at the cafe knew her. She ordered a takeaway coffee also and paid and stood waiting where I was. The Barista made her coffee straight away and left me waiting..even though I had come in, paid and already had already been waiting 5 minutes. Unbelievable! why was this woman served first just because they knew her!

It’s infuriating! we should all be treated equal! what happens to the man no body knows, that has no family, no friends and keeps to himself. Will he always get second treatment!?

Have Fun !


I was having coffee with a friend the other day and I began to talk about my hectic schedule. How I had not done anything fun for so long! I told her next year is going to be a year of fun! I’m going to do things I enjoy and make more time for myself.  It’s going to be all about FUN! I kept repeating fun, fun fun.

We then went to look in an organic/recycling shop and at the counter there was a bowl of cards facing down. The sign said “please pick one and then put it back” So we both picked one and when I turned mine over…..what did it say?……’FUN’ that’s it just those 3 letters! I showed my friend I couldn’t believe it!

so go on get out there and have fun. A few weeks ago I took my niece and nephew to the park and instead of just supervising I joined in. I had fun on the swing.IMG_2963

Shine on Award


I am very excited to be nominated for the Shine on Award. It makes me so happy to know that someone else is enjoying reading my blog. Thank you to’ the writer’ for nominating me for this award.

Rules of the Award:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself
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Seven Things About Me
1. I eat/drink Coffee and chocolate everyday!
2. Although I have coffee and chocolate everyday I also love healthy food & living
3. Zumba is one of my fav workouts-love the latin beats!
4. I am all about respect and loyalty, if I give you my word I will follow through
5. I am a total romantic at heart-a little bit of chivalry goes a long way
6. I have the most amazing bf in the whole world!
7. I grew up on a Dairy farm.

Here are my nominees for the Shine On Award:

















I used to always question why someone would be mean towards another for no reason? I always wondered why people were rude or selfish or made someone else feel uncomfortable with themselves? 

I always had an excuse for those people especially when I was the victim. “oh they must be having a bad day, stressed, other things going on…”

I finally realised that some people don’t need an excuse, don’t have an excuse and ultimately DON’T want an excuse.

If you have shown respect towards someone else and they have shown you none back then let them go…ignore their comments and snide remarks. You and I have no need for negative people in our life! 



I could say Avocado is the love of my life, but I guess that would be exaggerating it a little too much. However it is one of my favourite FAVOURITE fruits!

It is packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals for our body.

Some of these include:

Large amounts of A, B, E and K vitamins and also large amounts of potassium and folic acid. Avocado is antibacterial and can heal wounds, it is cholesterol free and it can even relieve pain. The oils in the avocado are excellent for your skin making it more supple and smooth.
DID YOU ALSO KNOW….that the  history of Avocado goes back to the time of the ancient Aztecs. They  believed the fruit to have aphrodisiac qualities. They named it Ahacatl, meaning “green testicle”, for not only the resemblance, but the passion they believed the fruit to arouse. The Avocado is a symbol of love in Colombia and an ideal husband brings avocados as a gift to his wife.

Come on fellas, where’s those AVO’s ?





Passion: Passion (from the Latin verb patī meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

Do what you feel passionate about! If that’s gardening, surfing, horse riding or painting. Make time for that thing that makes you happy that makes you feel joyful. Spend more time with the person that makes you feel good! Make time !

farm life



Today I went for a walk through the farm. I am very lucky that I got the chance to grow up in the country and even better on a farm. I remember it was always so exciting to get up early with Dad to go and milk the cows to bring home milk for the family breakfast, collecting the eggs from the chickens, picking corn and vegetables and even seeing new life coming into the world when the cows gave birth.

My schedule is ridiculously busy and I have moved away from home. But when I get a free day I like to visit the farm which my parents still run, walk through the fields and run down the hills with the fresh air blowing against my face. All of course with my two trusty foxy companions!

Thank you God for a blessed life 🙂



Dream Job




A couple of moths ago I was beginning to think that ‘everyone’ was right. “You are never going to find your dream job” “it’s how it is” “it’s always going to be about the money” “nobody likes their job”. Whenever I voiced that “I was determined to not be like the rest of society stuck in a job they hate, going through the motions until friday, two days freedom and then back to square one” People would look at me and say “Good luck” in that tone of voice that really meant “it’s never going to happen”.

It wasn’t until I came down with a winter cold and was forced to rest that I had a little more time to reflect on my thoughts and delve a little more deeper into them. I was doubting myself, doubting all the time and effort I had put into studying graphic design whilst balancing work, whilst getting more stressed and seeming so far to get nothing out of it!

Ive also been on holidays so have had a little more time to breathe. I have only had to worry about work and no assignments. Having just a short break from trying to balance study and work life I have found that I cannot wait to get back into my assignments and finish my course, it’s what I want to do and I’m going to go for it !

I understand that some people don’t have a choice. When they have a family to feed or even just to support yourself you sometimes have to say ‘yes’ to that job you don’t really want to do. But it doesn’t have to be forever, there are options, ways out!

I am blessed that I have the circumstances to be able to study but I also had to sacrifice. Studying more means less work, less money and sometimes if I have to eat eggs for a week or just a bowl of mashed potato with butter then I will. I have a goal.

Wanting a job you are happy in is NOT selfish. Be grateful absolutely for the work you can get and the job you have. Be thankful but if you are unhappy, look towards a brighter future.

All of you out there who dread going to work, are unhappy, constantly checking the time to see when you can leave work then STOP! Find a way an option that can lead you to something you love doing. If that means working in a cake shop, GO FOR IT! a hairdresser GO FOR IT! Graphic Designer, GO FOR IT!

and one of the best things that keeps me motivated “STOP WISHING AND START DOING”